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A prairie native, Cordgrass is a fast-spreading grass that thrives in moist or wet soils and because of its durability is ideal for planting on hills and banks for soil erosion. With glossy green tapered leaves and growing between 2 and 7 feet tall, this is an excellent option for growing along the side of a pond or stream.

The silvery undersides of its leaves are attractive in the wind and make a pleasing addition to a coastal prairie garden, especially when combined with fall-blooming perennials like goldenrod and gayfeather. Tiny, white flowers bloom in July to September and the leaves turn a golden yellow in the fall, providing a nice autumn tint but do be careful since the leaves are rather sharp-sided and can be lethal.

Install Cordgrass plants two feet on the center and to apply mulch or fabric between plants to prevent erosion during establishment. The plant grows best in moist sandy soils and is surprisingly drought tolerant however can be used anywhere in the landscape. The seed is best planted in fall and the plant prefers full sun to partial shade. Because of its adaptability, it is fast becoming a popular landscape plant in northeast Florida, especially in commercial landscapes.