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Fern Wart

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Wart fern, also known as Kangaroo Fern, is a slow-growing fern that makes a great groundcover in shady areas. A creeping fern characterized by its rugged fronds and grown for its hearty foliage, it tolerates various soil conditions and requires minimal maintenance, making it a wise choice for any landscape.

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A creeping plant with many well-branched stems, this fern will grow between 3 to 4 feet tall and often creep and crawl across the ground, on rocks and up the sides of palms and walls. The Wart Fern’s leaves are usually bright green and they produce large clusters on the back of their leaves. They often cause large bumps on the upper surface of the leaves, giving the plant the common name Wart Fern.

This easy to grow, pest-free fern is not addicted to humidity and is most suitable for temperatures between 60 – 80 degrees F. Keep soil moist but not wet in bright, indirect light. With fronds that range from oval to having three or four pairs of lobes, this fern can be grown on trees as an epiphyte and as well as on the ground.

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