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Ginger Golden Brush

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For reliable and easy growth, the Golden Brush Ginger, or Burbidgea schizocheila, is the ginger variety for you. It blooms sporadically throughout the year with its heaviest flowering in summer and winter. This ginger does well as an indoor potted plant.

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Clusters of long lasting golden yellow flowers with red-orange bases are held atop sturdy reddish purple stems that are adorned with rounded, rich green glossy foliage. The Golden Brush Ginger is sure to add a tropical feel to any indoor space or the porch or patio. Its dense and compact, evergreen habit and floriferous nature make it a perfect choice for containers. It doesn’t care for temperatures much below 40oF but otherwise is an easy to enjoy tropical that should bring you many years of enjoyment.

The Burbidgea readily multiplies and will develop into a mass of foliage and stems that should be topped by clusters of showy flowers periodically throughout the year with the main show in late summer/fall and winter/spring. It can be divided and shared with friends  but when replanted make sure to plant the rhizomes themselves on top of the soil and use a sharply draining medium.

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