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Juniper Parsoni

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Juniper Parsoni is a dense, evergreen shrub that is derived from Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis), a highly variable species found throughout China and Japan.

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Parsoni’s soft texture and bluish-green foliage grow in a domelike mound up to 2 to 3 feet tall and 4 to 10 feet wide. Junipers are an important element in the landscape because they add a unique texture that combines well with other plants.

Parsoni is excellent for use as a ground cover and erosion control on large to small slopes and embankments. It can be planted in small groups, as a border in landscape beds and as a low-growing foundation shrub. Due to its high salt tolerance, Parsoni is often used as a ground cover in seaside areas.

Parsoni is drought tolerant and has low maintenance requirements. It can handle partial shade, but it truly thrives in full sun exposure. Over time, Parsoni will lose its density and become woodier; therefore it needs to be replaced after several years in the landscape.

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