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Tibouchina Dwarf

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This dwarf shrub grows at a moderate pace to about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall. Part sun to partial shade is an ideal location. It’s tender and tropical, best in Zone 10 or the very warmest areas of Zone 9B that are right on the border. Protect from harsh winter winds and frost.

If this plant has been grown in full sun (ask at the nursery when you buy it) it’s fine to plant it in sun. But it seems happiest – and prettiest – with at least a bit of shade.


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Irresistably pretty Dwarf Tibouchina thrives in – and adds a punch of color to – partly shaded beds.

Purple-flowering plants are prized in South Florida, and this little shrub will reward you with incredibly gorgeous royal-purple blossoms.

The flowers appear on and off during the warmer months of the year.

Purple actually goes with everything – it’s especially showy mixed with yellows, oranges and white.

And because this plant prefers a somewhat shaded spot, you can use it to create a pop of color in landscape areas that often have none.

There are other, larger varieties – shrubs urvilleana and grandifolia and even a tree-form, granulosa – and all have blossoms with astonishing bright purple hues.

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