We deliver in the State of Florida and

we sell to almost all States


We sell to all states including California. We also ship internationally to Canada and the Caribbean.  We deliver in the state of Florida as well as some of the surrounding states. Whether shipping in the U.S., or internationally, we have the resources to meet your shipping needs and we will ensure that our products will be delivered in a timely and professional manner.

In-State Fleet

We manage our own fleet of boxed trucks, and have the capacity to reach most regions in Florida within 2 business days. Our drivers are knowledgeable, punctual and focused on our clients. Our trucks are furnished with moving racks for efficient deployment.


We also ship containers to the Caribbean. Please contact us for information regarding inspections and phyto-sanitary certifications required with every order.


"They had exactly what I was looking for. And they have an in-depth knowledge of all tropical plants growing in South Florida, which is quite impressive!"

Dean Skip April 20,2020

"Good to see passionate and hardworking people, especially when like me you don't know much about the topic. They gave me some useful tips, will definitely come back when I want to plant more trees."

Julian Glazer April 20,2020

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1g Variegated Ginger

3G Philodendron Congo Rojo

1 g Money Tree.

3G Philodendron Monstera

3g Monstera

3G Cordyline Red Sister

3g Dipladenia Bush

3G Cat Palm



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